Sunday, March 23, 2014

my dream is to fly, over the rainbow, so high

as one of my good friends wisely said last week 'laura, no wonder why people in sydney are so much happier than us in germany, they have the sun, beaches, stunning nature and nice weather all the time.'

and she was absolutely right.
while sitting in the bus to dover heights yesterday, we passed bondi beach. all you can see is happy faces. people enjoy their lifes to the fullest. taking their surfboards along, catching waves all day, laying on the soft sand, sunbanking and taking a sip of the fresh coconut they bought at the fruitshop around the corner. I am so happy to be part of that lifestlye, at least for a little while.

after arriving at dover heights we sat down on the gras and enjoyed the amazing view over harbour bridge, opera house and the skyline of sydney.

Being in dover heights it is a must to take pictures with the famous swing. here are some of the 1000 shots we took yesterday:


After swining for a bit and enjoying the beautiful view we got a bit dizzy and silly, so last but not least some funny and failed shots:

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