Wednesday, August 13, 2014

time to hit up some museums part 1

Since I started working late yesterday I used the time to visit some of Berlins museums. I went to Museumsinsel, where you can find several museums next to each other. I made it to ‚Alte Nationalgalerie‘. It’s a beautiful impressive building with paintings from the age of goethe via idealism through to impressionism. Definitely a must for art lovers!
let's go!

Next I went to ‚Neues Museum‘ which is all about historic collections from antiquity, stone age and bronze age like bronze bells, papyrus scrolls or kids shoes from the late years. The most interesting about this museum, as I believe, was the ‚time mashine‘. It shows how people lived back in the days and how their habits, but also how nature changed through the centurys.

The last museum I visited was ‚Altes Museum‘ right next to Berliner Dom (which is my most favourite building in Berlin so far). There you can learn about roman, greek and etruscan art. It was well worth seeing ancient gold jewellery, coins or  sanctuaries.


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