Monday, December 2, 2013

fetherdale wildlife park

I'm standing in front of the koalas. They're just so cute and soft as a baby's bottom.
The smell of the eukalyptus stings my nose. These small crackheads. No wonder why they're always so sleepy-eyed. They're high!
Most of them are sleeping, which is pretty normal. They sleep about 20 hours a day.
Do you know why?  

Because they're dumb! Their brain has the size of a walnut and because of the reason that they just eat eukalyptus, which is low in nutrients, they sleep to save energy.

I wish we were allowed to hold and cuddle them, but Queensland is unfortunately the only state that allows holding them. But still, am I not lucky that this little fella is looking directly into my camera?

We also spot some dingos, wombats, kangeroos of course, tasmanian devils, flying foxes, a blue-headed strange-looking bird it's name I already forgot, penguins and one lazy crocodile.

Blacktown, where the park is located, is about a 30 minutes train-trip away from Sydney CBD, but it's definitely worth it.

While sitting in the train back to Sydney I recognize that the bench seat is adjustable. Isn't that cool?
If you're sitting with your back to the engine and want to sit facing it, you just need to turn down the bench. Maybe I'm just crazy, but I think that's pretty cool.

Germany should take a page out of Australias book.

So, weekend is over, but next one is just 7 days away! Hugs and Kisses

(C) Laura Schuetze, all rights reserved

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