Monday, January 27, 2014


hey guys,
didn't post for a while because I went on my second big trip:  to the east coast of australia.

my first destination was cairns. I booked a night at gilligans hostel, because I arrived one day before my tour started. It's such a fun hostel!
here's the story:

leaving the elevator and searching for my room 328 I felt kind of lost and I must have looked lost as well because not even 10 seconds after I left the lift a guy came up to me, asking if he should help me finding my room. Yeah, why not, I said.
Unforunately I didn't recognize that he was already wasted! So after I found my room I had to deal with funny questions like 'are you gonna kiss me?' or 'do you wanna have a good time with me in your room?'. Seriously mate? What a greeting!

anyway, I got rid of him quickly and went to gilligans club with my roommates, where I had an amazing night, partying, dancing and drinking!

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