Monday, January 27, 2014

great barrier reef

waking up with a big headache I pack my suitcase, check out and make my way to hides hotel where I meet the others.

I can tell you, we're a funny group!
We got people from everywhere! Switzerland, UK, America, Scandinavia, Brasil, Netherlands and then there is me! Everybody between 18  and 39 - pretty perfect!

After a quick briefing from our guide we make our way to the boat and head off to Michaelsmans Cay and Paradise Reef to do snorkling and scuba diving.

Arriving at Michaelmans Cays sandy beach I put on my stinger suit, flippers and goggels and jump into the water. It takes me a little while to get used to breath underwater, but once I get used to it it's amazing!

I spot starfish, heaps of nemo and tones of other fish. It's like a complete different world, I'm so in love!

After snorkling for 2 hrs we make our way back to the hotel, where we have a nice dinner and a couple of drinks together.

not bad for a first day, ay?

(C) Laura Schuetze, all rights reserved

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