Sunday, February 23, 2014

one day in glebe

long been on our list, we thought it's time to go to glebe today.
we started at the glebe markets.
from moschino parkas, heisenberg t-shirts to self-made watercolor-painting to 10$ massages and heaps of food stalls, there was everything.
since I love second-hand shopping this was paradise.
loosing my credit card last weekend or more forgetting-my-credit-card-in-the-cash-machine-and-just-having-1,50$-in-my-wallet was not the best condition for a shopping day (stupidity has to be punished)
luckily my friend borrowed me some money, thanks again kira! you saved my saturday!
afterwards we went into a small book shop which had a hidden café in the backyard.
my first sushi and a cocktail in my most favorite underground bar 'grandmas' rounded off the day.


(C) Laura Schuetze, all rights reserved