Thursday, May 29, 2014

port mcquarie

on the way to port mcquarie

hostel in port mcquarie
 On the first day we borrowed really cool bikes and cycled to a koala hospital. It warmed my heart seeing these little fellas getting another chance and being able to recover in a place where they get as much attention and help as they need. It was definitely worth going there.

on the way to port mcquarie I met these two lovely english girls and we decided to travel together

On the way to lighthouse beach, which is about 8km down the coast, we passed beautiful Flynns and Shelly beach. Whereas the others kept on riding their bikes, I stopped several times to enjoy the beautiful view of these lonely beaches.

Since I am here in Australia, nature beccame such an imprtant part in my life. Being surrounded by trees, mountains, lakes and wildlife makes me happy. It is the place I go to when I feel lonely, sad or just need some inspiration. It helps me finding back to myself.

As we arrived at lighthouse beach we laid down, read our books and enjoyed listening to the sound of the ocean.

On the second day we went down to the harbour before we jumped on the bus to make our way down to our next destination: Byron Bay

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