Sunday, May 11, 2014


next destination: hobart, tasmania

my adventure begins with no cash in my pocket and a small heartattack because the mashine won't accept my creditcard at the train station on my way to the airport.
my last coins scraped up I am at least able to buy a student ticket. fingers crossed that no controller checks my ticket.
i fortunately make it to the airport in time and am sitting at the gate now. i am looking around and spot 3 babys. one already crying. awesome!

as it turns out that babys is now sitting two rows in front of me, keeping all the passangers awake, that's for sure. our flight is already one hour delayed due to 'technical issues'. i immediately have to think of the following sentence:

[..] some of travel's greatest treasures are those unexpected. unimaginable situations that make us laugh - at the world and ourselves' (by the seat of my Pants by lonely planet)

after the second hour sitting in the plane and waiting, we are now finally ready to take off.
let the adventure begin!

I landed safely and got my suitcase in the shuttle bus. on the way to hobart city we are talking about the police dogs that are controlling the luggage. apparently there are two different types of dogs. fruit dogs and drug dogs.

'fruit dogs?' I ask, thinking about the mandarins and pears I got in my bag. it must have been a drug dog that was sniffing on my bag. I have to smile while thinking about what would have happened if the dog would have found all these illegal fruits and I would have been taken into custody even before my adventure would have begun. Lucky me!

So time to explore hobart now!  

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