Thursday, May 29, 2014

byron bay

We spent almost a week in Byron, which was longer than I planned, but that small town just has something magical, something that made me instantly fall in love with. It truly has character.

We did a long walk along to the lighthouse. On the way back to the main beach we saw two yogis nailing their headstand poses which reminded me of my passion for yoga. Whilst travelling you unfortunately don't have that much time to practise, but since I am heading back home soon I'm definitely going to inculde that in my daily routine :)
the pass

wategos beach

I am not a friend of water and high waves, but of course I gave surfing a go as well. It was definitely an experience and heaps fun.

everyone else is following the instructions of our surfteacher, guess who isn't? :D

Given that Nimbin, Australias so called 'drug capital', is just an our away from byron, I jumped on the happy coach and explored that bizzare town.

One afternoon I went to a small concert in which my surfteacher took a main part of. It was at his and his mates house, which was located on top of a hill so that we had a perfect view at the sunset over byron.
Given that there were locals and the atmosphere was relaxed and cheerful, it was probably one of my best eves I had on that trip.

It was hard saying goodby, but byron will always have a special place in my heart. See you next time byron!

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