Friday, November 29, 2013

champagne made me do this!

It is one of these days I'll never forget!
After working 9 hours non-stop, my hostparents, my hostmums parents, who just arrived this day, the kids and I went into the wirlpool, they call it spa here.
It started with one bottle of delicious french champagne. After the fourth glass everybody became a bit loosey-goosey.
Fairly quickly all the boys had enough of all the giggeling, chattering and gossiping, so that just us three girls were left in the amazing warm and heated spa.
Pop - the second bottle was uncaped. The kids were somewhere upstairs, probably playing computer, the husbands started preparing the barbie, we didn't really care.
We lost ourselfes in old stories about bygone days and amours and wordly wisdoms.
I enjoyed to just sit there, feel the bubbles running along my shoulders and listen to them.
After every story my hostmum said 'give me your glass, it will be fine', so that in next to no time we got to the 3rd bottle. Pop!
My fingers were wrinkled.The sun was going down and the sky turned orange.
'Ladies, dinner is ready!' called my hostdad. We were looking at each other, wondering what time it was. By the time we got in, it was 8 o'clock. We sat in the spa for four hours. Unbelievable.
In these 5 months I have been in this amazing family, we never ever had dinner that late!
After dinner, everybody did their own thing, my hostmum and her mum put the children to bed and the boys and I tidied up.
Afer we were done, I briefly checked my mails and felt the need to buy something.
This is why I am going to the Snoop Dog and Mac Miller concert on Sat 25 January 2014!
Champagne made me do this!
But after a good 10 hour sleep I still don't regret it, so cheers!


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