Monday, November 18, 2013

sydney or the bush

..that's what Sydneysiders use to say.
Sydney is such an inspiring city. I love the people and culture here. I never want to leave.

Standing in the entry of a small italian pizza restaurant, freezing and shivering, that's where you would have found me on friday night.

Earlier that day my friend and I went to 'the village bizzare' in Sydney, the Rocks, which is by the way an  historic area of Sydney's city centre, because it became established shortly after the colony's formation in 1788.

We had great fun. We wore our bird masks, which we got at the information booth and one needed to entry the 'sky bar', didn't care about all the people staring at us, were tempted to que to let the fortune teller read our fortune, but then decided to take things as they come and took a smell at the delicious crepes, wrap and other food stalls.
As we were standing at the silent disco stall and were about to put the headphones on to dance the night away, it started to rain. Unfortunately the 'small rain' turned out to be a huge storm.
We ran (of course we had no umbrella with us), looking for a sheltered spot, and ended up at the small italian pizza restaurant.

This spot was almost better than the whole market!
Two about 50-year-old men felt sorry for us and offered their food because 'we looked as if we could use something to eat'. I saw this yummy turkish spinach-bun at the stall before, but didn't buy it, so I took the chance and have to say that this turkish delicacy tasted even better then the kebab I used to buy around the corner in germany and miss so much.
After they and my friend (she took an earlier bus) left, I had a chat with an about 40-year-old grey-haired short guy from England. He was on a business trip and told me a little bit about his life.
I listened to his stories and enjoyed the moment.

I ended up standing in this spot for over an hour, even so I was for sure the happiest person in the world.

(C) Laura Schuetze, all rights reserved

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