Wednesday, November 20, 2013

rainy days

Saturday and Sunday were rainy days. So what to do on these shit days?
Of course: (in my case) museum!

Whoever is reading my blog and living in Sydney I can really entrust you to see the ‚Yoko Ono: War is over! (if you want it)‘ exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Arts.
Her art is impressive and also thought-provoking.

‚Play it by trust‘ was one of my favourite installations. The chessboard and the chess pieces are all white. ,Once the game commences and the pieces intermingle, it becomes difficult to know who controls which piece.‘ ‚Ideally, Ono has said, this leads to a shared understanding of […] mutual concerns and a new relationship based on emphathy rather then opposition. Peace is then attained on a small scale.‘ (War Is Over! (if you want it) Yoko Ono 15 Nov 2013 – 23 Feb 2014 flyer). It took my friend leon and I not longer then 5 minutes to get confused haha

On Sunday my friend Kira and I went to the Museum of Sydney. Its about the history of sydney, like the first fleet ships and aborigines. Not really my cup of tea, but a must do I’d say.

The coming weekend two swedish friends of mine and I are going to a stripclub. I’m soo excited!

Keep you posted,

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